Poetry by Laura Bayless

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Laura Bayless has participated in six Women's Voices poetry readings at the Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, the Women and Food art and poetry presentations, and was one of six women artists showcased at the Poets & Artists: Words & Colors exhibition at the Pacific Grove Art Center. She is the author of two collections of poetry, The Edge of the Nest and White Streams and Touchstones . Her poems have appeared in many local and national publications and anthologies, including Dancing on the Brink of the World, selected poems of Point Lobos. She continues to explore creative expression through collage and photography.

Upcoming Readings:

Tuesday, September 9, 2008, Front Street Poets, East Village Coffee Lounge, Monterey, $5.00 donation.

Friday, September 26, 2008: 7:00 pm, Women's Voices Reading, Carl Cherry Center for the Arts, 4th and Guadalupe, Carmel

New Publication:

Laura's newest book, Persistent Dreams, is now available for order.

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Photo courtesy of Patrick Baker © 2004

  c2004 by Laura Bayless